About Us - History

The story of the Texas Methodist Foundation began in 1938 during the height of the Great Depression as a group of forward-thinking United Methodist clergy and laity gathered together to discuss their vision for supporting the ministry of their Church.

After a long period of dormancy, many starts and stops, and at least one real threat of demise, the Foundation ended 2011 with $384 million in assets under management, a $310 million loan portfolio, $2.8 million in new Individual Fund investments, over $1 million awarded in grants, and $600,000 distributed from permanent endowments.

Those are the facts, with numbers that signal another year of financial strength, but not the story. The story is about what it means. And further, what it requires of us.

The true significance of these numbers is that they represent resources for serving God: children nurtured, strengthened, even saved; communities and families made whole.

We invite you to become a part of our story as we seek to honor our legacy of profound belief and perseverance while living into the story of revisioning and hope that defines us as Christians.

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