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TMF Extends Special Clergy Appreciation Interest Rate


AUSTIN, TX – The Texas Methodist Foundation recently announced its special “clergy appreciation rate” designed to thank United Methodist clergy for their commitment to ministry will be extended through Dec. 31, 2010.

This program, introduced in June 2009, entitles clergy with primary residence in Texas or New Mexico to receive an additional one-half percent interest above the Foundation’s already competitive rates, which consistently surpass returns on most CD and money market investments. The Foundation is extending this special investment rate offer for active and retired United Methodist clergy (deacon, elder, diaconal, or local) who open or renew fixed rate Individual Fund or Individual Fund IRA accounts during 2010.

“The transforming love and compassion of Christ is needed, perhaps now more than ever, as our communities continue to wrestle with needs arising due to economic challenges. We want to thank our ministers for all they do to build strong communities of faith that strengthen our Church’s ability to serve our neighbors,” said Foundation President Tom Locke. “We saw an excellent response to the clergy appreciation rate offer in 2009, but we know there are many pastors who may not have been in a position to invest last year. We want to share this tangible way of showing our appreciation with as many of these dedicated clergy as possible.”

Pastors interested in taking advantage of this offer can download an Individual Fund Offering Circular and application and obtain current rates online. The Foundation’s Investor Services staff is also available at 800/933-5502 to answer questions about this from new or existing investors.

Individual Fund investments build and expand United Methodist churches through the Methodist Loan Fund, the funding source for the Foundation’s loan program. Individual Fund investments also provide conscientious investors a way to connect their faith and money through an investment that empowers God’s mission and ministry.

The Texas Methodist Foundation is making an effort to extend this clergy appreciation offer to as many active and retired clergy members as possible. If you know of clergy who would appreciate this opportunity to invest in the future of the Church while earning additional interest, please have them contact the Foundation for more information.