Services for Churches - Gift Planning and Endowment Services

"Your faithfulness continues through all generations..."
- Psalm 119:90

Planned Gifts for Future Ministries

Many of us have dreams for our church. Some have visions for youth programs or ministries tht address critical issues in the local community or abroad. For others the dream might include provisions for church building maintenance or an expansion of the church's music program. In most churches, the interest is there, but funds are limited. Planned gifts can provide the necessary financial resources to help make these dreams a reality.

A planned gift is any gift, large or small, given with forethought. A planned gift to your church is a financial gift structured to serve the needs of the church as well as the giver. A planned gift may take the form of an outright gift during a donor's lifetime, a bequest through their will or other estate plan, a trust, or a life income gift.

These gifts usually come from accumulated assets such as personal property, real estate, stocks, bonds, life insurance policies, cash, or other assets of tangible value. Often these gifts can be structured to take advantage of allowable income and estate tax incentives.

Gift Planning Programs and Church Endowment Services

In addition to working with individual donors, we help churches design, launch, and promote gift planning programs and church endowment funds to help secure a healthy future for the missions of their congregations. Within the next 10 to 15 years, an enormous transfer of wealth will take place between generations. Texas Methodist Foundation consultants can help you motivate donors to give as well as establish an endowment fund to receive those gifts, so your church will be in a position to receive a portion of those assets. These may be the most important steps you take in securing the financial future of your church.