Services for Churches - Gift Planning and Endowment Services

Starting a Permanent Endowment

For your church, an endowment fund can mean the difference between existing or growing, simply surviving or realizing dreams for ministry. For donors, it provides a meaningful way to leave a lasting legacy.  

An endowment fund is a permanent fund, the assets of which are held and invested to generate income and provide a long-lasting source of funds for the church.

Gift plans, such as charitable gift annuities and wills can benefit your church endowment. Cash, real estate, personal property, stocks and bonds, and life insurance are other gift examples.  Often established to honor or memorialize a loved one, gifts can be established during one’s lifetime or as a bequest.

There are two ways to start an endowment fund:

Plan A - The Book of Discipline sets forth the steps for creating a standing committee to administer and promote the fund. At Texas Methodist Foundation, a consultant can assist your leaders and guide you through the process. A resource booklet comes with sample guidelines and other helpful templates.


Plan B - Should a local church not want the responsibility or have the expertise within their congregation to oversee and maintain the components of an endowment program, churches may opt to establish a permanent endowment at the Texas Methodist Foundation. The integrity of the fund is maintained through the Foundation’s solid investment and distribution policies and the church receives a regular distribution for ministries that address the needs of their communities.

Download a SAMPLE CHURCH ENDOWMENT AGREEMENT here.Word document icon