Services for Churches - Grants Ministry

How Our Grants Ministry Grows

Leaving a Legacy that Transforms Lives

United Methodist ministries are often on the frontlines of fighting poverty and working for social justice with programs that directly address human needs in their communities. They enact the gospel, every day. But they need long-term financial commitments so they can offer help, healing, and hope, now and in the future. Grants awarded by the Grants Committee of the Texas Methodist Foundation come from funds created by caring individuals and families who use their resources to help those ministries continue to answer God’s call to love our neighbors as ourselves for generations to come.

The most popular ways to support the Grants Ministry are through:

Transformational Giving

Donors from all walks of life make gifts that enable the Grants Ministry to distribute funds on their behalf. Maybe you want to benefit an outreach ministry at your local church to fight hunger. Perhaps funding a faculty position or scholarship to a United Methodist seminary appeals to you. Whatever your dream for ministry, we can help you provide the support. The options are endless. If you have a passion for mission - whether for your local church or for the larger Church - we can help you facilitate a gift that matches your philanthropic goals - and is a reflection, forevermore, of the abundant life given by God to us all.

We offer valuable resources and thoughtful and confidential assistance with gift planning. Contact Candy Gross at or 800/933-5502 to learn more about leaving a lasting imprint by supporting our Grants Ministry through endowments and donor-advised funds.