Core Purpose and Values

Core purpose and values that are as important to our future as they were to our past.

Empowering the Church to achieve its God-appointed mission, and living our values of servanthood, integrity and competence.

At TMF our purpose is to seek and discover ways in which we can fulfill the world of God’s imagination. We believe the Church has tremendous potential to bring that world to life. Our financial resources are part of that potential, but so is our commitment to help leadership, both our clergy and laity, create a vision of the world which is so compelling that it cannot be denied. 

Servanthood is the main focus of every TMF relationship. Because we believe that every relationship should start with one question. What can TMF do for you? This question is critical to who we are as an organization.

Integrity is as important as it is simple. TMF will always seek to do what is right. What is right by our constituents. What is right by our values. What is right by our God-appointed mission.

Competence means that we seek to perform every task of every project for every client according to the very high expectations we set for ourselves. We want to make sure that TMF is always as effective, efficient and service oriented as any other option that is available to you.