TMF has been serving United Methodist Churches and congregations for more than 75 years.

Our history of service reflects our commitment to serve the Church and its future faithfully.

In 1938, as the Great Depression was devastating families and congregations across Texas, a group of forward-looking Methodists decided to stand up and make a difference.

With a deep and profound understanding of the vital role the Church served in the lives of its members and communities, this gathering of clergy and laity worked tirelessly to lay the groundwork of what would become the Texas Methodist Foundation. They understood that congregations needed help as they strived to achieve their God-appointed missions. And these leaders provided that help by taking a more active role in promoting the “Christian doctrine of Stewardship.”

This work was not quick or easy or painless. It required vision, the courage to act on that vision and the tenacity to keep working until the Church was in a better position to grow and prosper in the years ahead.

Today TMF is the largest Methodist foundation in the country, with more than $500 million in assets under management. We’re recognized nationally for our fiscal expertise, thought leadership and innovative programs. Most important, we’ve established deeply rooted relationships with churches large and small across the southwest. Relationships built on trust that is mutual and long-standing. Trust that reflects and embodies TMF’s core values of servanthood, integrity and competence.