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Providing Dignity and Community to Vulnerable Seniors

May 08, 2017

by Stephanie Free, Executive Director, Tyler Street Tower

In this post, Stephanie Free, Executive Director of Tyler Street Tower, explains the challenges of growing old without family or a support network.


Debt, Leadership and Courage

April 20, 2017

by Gil Rendle, author and recently retired TMF Senior VP

In this post, Gil Rendle examines how financial education and security can embolden clergy to become more effective and courageous leaders.


Now and Later

April 16, 2017

by Rev. Melvin Amerson, TMF Senior Area Representative and Resource Specialist

TMF’s Rev. Melvin Amerson encourages each of us to consider what our “now and later” giving will be and what legacy we are establishing both today and tomorrow.


Refugee Community Reaffirms Spirit of Welcoming at Parker Lane UMC

April 16, 2017

by Sharon Stewart, Senior Pastor, Parker Lane UMC

In this post, Senior Pastor Sharon Stewart explains how the growing Matu community has transformed the congregation at Parker Lane UMC.


From Fresh Produce to a Fresh Start

March 13, 2017

by David Austin, Executive Director, Kelly Memorial Food Pantry, El Paso

In this post, Kelly Memorial Food Pantry Executive Director David Austin shares how the pantry is able to offer much more than food to members of the community, thanks to support from TMF.


Asking Better Questions about Congregational Worship

February 23, 2017

by John Thornburg, TMF Vice President of Area Staff

TMF Vice President and renowned worship leader John Thornburg tells a personal story of his own, an “ah-ha” experience that led him to ask better questions and to create truly transformational worship.


Planting a Tree for Future Generations

January 30, 2017

by Stan Cosby, Senior Pastor, St. Stephen UMC, Amarillo

In this post, Senior Pastor Stan Cosby discusses how a loan from TMF helped Saint Stephen UMC in Amarillo grow and transform its congregation to meet the needs of a growing community.


Transformational Philanthropy

January 25, 2017

by John Rivas, TMF Executive Director for New Mexico Activities

In this post, John Rivas shares his thoughts on the importance of Transformational Philanthropy.


Answering a Call to Serve Houston’s Growing Refugee Community

January 12, 2017

by Rev. Hannah Terry, Associate Pastor, Westbury United Methodist Church, as told to TMF

In this post, Rev. Hannah Terry, Associate Pastor at Westbury United Methodist Church, discusses how TMF Grants, and TMF’s Ministry with the Poor Learning Community, are helping the Fondren Apartment Ministry see miraculous transformations in the lives of neighbors starting their lives over in a new country.


Learning to Listen: The Key to Hearing What God is Asking of Us

December 22, 2016

by Carole Somers-Clark, retired Vice President, Pastoral Services, Methodist Hospital, Dallas

Carole Somers-Clark shares what she learned as a facilitator of TMF’s Leadership Ministries, and the importance of listening this Christmas season, and all year long.


My First Lesson in Generosity

December 16, 2016

by Tom Locke, TMF President

In this post, Tom Locke shares his reflections on generosity and our philanthropic journey.


Investments of All Sizes Pay Off

November 08, 2016

by David McCaskill, TMF Senior Vice President Loans and Investments

In this post, David McCaskill, TMF Senior Vice President of Loans and Investments, reflects on his observations over two decades of meeting with pastors and congregations at hundreds of churches across across Texas and New Mexico, helping to finance their missions and callings. From the Rio Grande Valley to the Panhandle, McCaskill observes several qualities that fruitful churches share, no matter their size.