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Investments of All Sizes Pay Off

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November 08, 2016

by David McCaskill, TMF Senior Vice President Loans and Investments

Investments of All Sizes Pay Off

For nearly 20 years, I’ve traveled across Texas visiting with pastors and laity to learn how TMF can help them pursue their missions and callings. It’s a great personal and professional reward to know that every person, every congregation has potential given by God. When they call on TMF, we help them as they are expanding ministries, providing new services, and fulfilling their missions. I am privileged to be a part of that process.

Over time, I’ve learned that no matter what size the church and congregation is, the most successful ones possess similar qualities and characteristics. They are confident, clear, and called.

Confident: These congregations share a strong sense of identity and purpose. These are churches whose leaders and members understand who they are and what they are not. They have singular focus on their mission fields, whether it’s under their roof, down the block or around the world. This focus and discernment helps them decide how to use and steward their resources. This leads to another common quality of successful congregations.

Clear: They take time to be clear on where they are going. Some churches benefit from the Holy Conversations process with TMF area representatives.  Then by the time we are talking about their finances, they know what they want to accomplish. This success can look very different from community to community. For example, one church may decide to expand its preschool programs; another may invest in a struggling church in its community; and a third may start a new campus entirely.

Called: Whether the calling is led by the congregation or led by the pastor, churches that are confident and clear in their mission also can explain their calling. This calling may be held for decades or newly discovered. This is true for urban and rural churches, for congregations of 200, 500 and 2,000 or more, and for all ages. One of our longtime investors in the Methodist Loan fund, which enables TMF to make loans, recognizes that it is called to help churches grow and serve young families.

All of these qualities are found when churches benefit from consistent leadership and vision. Then, together we can find smart financial solutions that help to move their ministries forward. Whether it’s a construction loan in Artesia or Harlingen, a conversation in Hurst or Houston, we welcome opportunities to explain how we are all better, working together.

Editor’s note: Our TMF blog shares stories and essays inspired by our purpose: to help individuals, families, congregations and like-minded organizations achieve their God-inspired potential.In this post, David McCaskill, TMF Senior Vice President of Loans and Investments, reflects on his observations over two decades of meeting with pastors and congregations at hundreds of churches across across Texas and New Mexico, helping to finance their missions and callings.


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