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The Call to “Admin-istry”

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August 15, 2018

Heartspring Spotlight - Dorena Moore

The Call to “Admin-istry”

There are people who would be hesitant to suggest that being a CFO was a calling or that financial positions could be considered ministries at all, but Dorena Moore knows otherwise.

As the CFO for Heartspring Methodist Foundation, she often looks back at her career and can see God’s hand guiding her steps. “I was a teller in high school and college; then, I worked for a CPA and a real estate company. I served credit unions and even FUMC Houston as the Director of Finance. Now, I am here, and I have the experience I need to be successful. I truly believe God led me to this. God chose the church and opened the doors.”  

Her calling to serve the church in the realm of finance has allowed her to help congregations pursue their own callings and live out the God-sized dreams they have for ministry. It has been an exceptional journey for Dorena and one that has uniquely prepared her to help TMF and Heartspring merge seamlessly.  

“Churches do not have to choose anymore. They can work with both TMF and Heartspring now,” Dorena stated hopefully. “I think it will be an excellent combination, because I believe we are stronger together.”

In fact, Dorena believes Heartspring and TMF can do more together than they can separately. As the two foundations merge, there will be more cohesive work across Texas and less duplication of efforts, which will benefit United Methodist churches throughout the state. 

Additionally, she clearly sees the strengths Heartspring brings to the table. Their commitment to efficiency without compromising customer service is their greatest gift. “We have been serving in Texas for a really long time and we know our clients well. We have learned how to reduce costs, which we take very seriously as good stewards, and yet we still put our clients first. TMF does a great job in these areas as well and I believe we can add additional value as we join forces.”

Furthermore, she sees this as a chance for the two organizations to be even more competitive than they already are. “Even though Heartspring and TMF were not really competitors, we were both in competition with banks and other commercial lenders. Now, we have a chance to be an even more strategic choice for churches considering a loan and I think we are the obvious winner. Unlike banks, we are investing in mission and we do far more with our investors’ money.”  

As she looks forward to moving to Austin and continuing her ministry journey, TMF is looking forward to an enhanced future, with leaders like Dorena, who truly believe we are here to support the mission of the church and to persistently pursue God’s calling. 


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