Matching Gifts

Add even more value to your gift.

Did you know that you may be able to easily double your donation?  

Many companies match donations made by their employees to support employee charitable giving and to extend corporate philanthropy. We would appreciate it if you would take a quick moment to find out if your company offers a gift matching program. 

If you want more information about matching gifts, click here to view our frequently asked questions.

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What is a matching gift?

Employee matching gift programs are corporate giving programs. For example, if you donate $100 to our Foundation, your company may have a gift policy with a minimum gift requirement of $25 and matches at a 1:1 ratio. After you submit your matching gift form to your employer, they will double your donation by also writing a check to us for $100. It's a quick and easy way to double your contribution! 

How do I request a matching gift from my employer?

Requesting a matching gift is normally a 5-minute process which must be initiated by you, the donor. You can do this by filling out and submitting a form provided by your employer, either online via our search process, or download and print. Use the search feature to find out if your company offers a matching gift program, review the guidelines and access the form.

I found my company, now what?

Click on your company's intranet link provided in the search results. You may login and submit your request electronically, or you may download your company's matching gift verification form using the link provided in the search results. Print it, fill it out and send it to us. We will take care of the rest!

My company is not listed, now what?

It's still possible that your employer will match your donation, even if you don't find your company on our list. Check with your company's human resources department and ask if your donation can be matched.

I made a donation a few months ago, can I still apply for a matching gift?

Yes! Many companies allow employees to submit match requests for 1 year following the date of the donation.