Apply For a Grant

Applying for a grant enables you to make a difference in the lives of others.

TMF grants serve the needs of outreach ministries, evangelism initiatives, scholarships and helping children in poverty and crisis.

At TMF we believe that grants are an ideal vehicle for helping congregations and organizations to clearly define their vision and purpose in working to bring about positive and sustainable change. We also believe in the importance of measuring outcomes, because information is key to learning where we have succeeded as well as understanding areas where challenges remain. While TMF grants are predominantly made to United Methodist churches, any charitable organization that shares TMF’s vision and purpose can apply for a grant. 

The Grants Committee reviews grant requests two times each year, in the spring and fall.

Grant Guidelines

TMF looks for one or more of the following criteria in a grant application:

  • Effectively addresses a documented need
  • Is well planned and efficient in its use of funds
  • Has identified adequate local and extended support to sustain the project beyond the grant period
  • Includes efforts to maximize use of requested funds by creative sharing of resources with other groups
  • Involves volunteer leadership and staffing where appropriate
  • Strengthens the community
  • Has the potential to stimulate other giving to that cause or to other United Methodist causes

Application Process:  

In March, TMF suspended our regular grant process to dedicate those resources to focus on COVID-19 Emergency Response grants.  Recently, we completed our Spring grants, which pivoted to include an early release and unrestricted use of funds, and Phase I and II of our response from our COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund. These three efforts resulted in 116 grants totaling nearly $2.2 million.  Due to the volume of grant applications received and the ongoing need, we are not accepting any new COVID-19 Emergency Response grants this year.

Beginning September 1, 2020 we are opening the LOI application process for our Spring 2021 grant cycle.  The deadline to submit the LOI is December 1, 2020.  To begin the LOI process, click here.  After submitting your LOI, you will receive an automated email confirming TMF’s receipt. (If you don’t receive an automated response, please contact Jacki Lammert.) You will be notified whether your LOI was accepted or rejected by email no later than December 18, 2020.  If your LOI is approved for the next step in our grants process, you will receive a link to our grant application in the approval email.  The grant application is due no later than January 31, 2021.

Step 1: Read TMF's Grant Ministry's FAQs

Step 2: Grant applications must be received on or before the designated deadline in order to be considered at the next grant committee meeting.  Please note that the online process involves two steps: submitting a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) to be approved by TMF, then submitting the grant application.  

If you have any questions about the LOI or grant application process, please contact Jacki Lammert by email or phone 713.899.1973. 

The deadlines for submitting an LOI are:

  • Spring Cycle – December 1                          
  • Fall Cycle – Invitation only                              

After an LOI has been submitted, an automated email will be sent acknowledging receipt. The LOI is reviewed and within three weeks you will receive an email inviting or denying your request to submit a grant application. If the LOI is approved, the email will provide a link to the TMF grant application.

The deadlines for submitting a grant application are:

  • Spring Cycle – January 31
  • Fall Cycle – Invitation only

For TMF Grant Recipients:

To learn more about our Grants Ministry, to request grant guidelines, or to request reporting forms contact Jacki Lammert, Director of Grants Ministry at or 1-800-933-5502.