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Grants Outcome Stories

Houston: reVision forms radical relationships with kids on the edge.

5, October 02, 2015 01:54pm

“Houston: reVision is thrilled to join with TMF in stirring the United Methodist Church’s passion to make a long-lasting, hope-filled difference in our world by helping us raise up hundreds of mentors for kids who have no one,” said Charles Rotramel, CEO of Houston: reVision.

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The Missional Wisdom Foundation used grants from TMF to purchase an abandoned home in Waco and start a monastic community.

By creating monastic communities where students can live together to explore Christian service, the Missional Wisdom Foundation is developing new leaders with unique insights.

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Wesley-Rankin offers a different path to young people from the west side of Dallas

For one young man, Wesley-Rankin Community Center is an oasis of hope in his otherwise troubled neighborhood

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Project Hope provides individuals an opportunity to change lives with grants from TMF

Christ UMC in Plano used grants from TMF to help individuals who’ve fallen on bad times to start over and work toward their dreams.

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Project Transformation at Trinity UMC Denison

A kid on a bicycle rides by Trinity UMC in Denison, Texas, and waves wildly to Pastor Dan Gurley as he gets out of his car. Pastor Gurley smiles ruefully as he dodges a kid skateboarding in the parking lot and steps over the chalk drawings on the sidewalks leading up to the church.

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Building a Cielito Lindo in Fort Worth

In a barrio north of downtown Fort Worth, a vision for a “Beautiful Little Heaven” (“Cielito Lindo”), a children’s playground at La Trinidad United Methodist Church, stands in stark contrast to the crack house a few yards away where drug traffickers flagrantly transact their business.

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St. Andrew UMC - Using What They Have, Where They Are, To Be The Church

In A Community of Character, Stanley Hauerwas said, “The primary social task of the church is to be itself.” So how does an affluent church in the richest city in the richest county in Texas (and among the richest in the country) be the church?

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A Radical Approach to Transitioning Families out of Poverty in North Texas

Mission Central, a community outreach agency that has provided food, clothing and emergency financial aid to the neediest members of the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Community, took a radically different approach to serving its clients, creating lasting change.

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