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TMF is making a positive impact on individuals, churches and communities.

See how TMF is helping others to steward their potential to create a better world.

Dr. Gil Rendle Learning and Leadership Endowment

Leadership Ministry, Legacy Giving, Grants, Gifts To TMF

In recognition and celebration of all that Gil Rendle has done for the church, TMF is proud to announce the creation of the Gil Rendle Learning and Leadership Endowment. This endowment will honor Gil’s legacy by supporting his work to advance TMF’s Leadership Ministry learning agenda, the primary objective of which is to create opportunities for TMF to open new paths of discernment, decision-making, and action by leaders.

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The Generous Heart of Phyllis King

Legacy Giving

I wanted to continue to be a good steward of what my parents would have appreciated and expected. It will be a beautiful legacy for both of my parents.

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Students Make Mid-Week a Celebration of Faith at Harvest UMC

Loans & Investing, Loan Services

TMF Loan Provides Plenty of Space for Students to Share a Prayer – And Donuts – Before School.

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A Time for Children

Legacy Giving, Grants

TMF awards a grant to A Time for Children, a new approach to children's ministry that is vibrant and relevant to their spiritual needs and the challenges they face in today's world.

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Micah Peacock describes how his participation in the TMF Worship Leaders Group has impacted his ministry

Leadership Ministry

One of TMF's Learning Communities, the Worship Leaders Group, is comprised of younger leaders (all under 40) who have responsibility for non-traditional worship in their Churches, giving them space to think creatively about what it means to form disciples beyond the traditional bounds of worship and even beyond the walls of the Church. Hear how one of these young leaders describes the impact his group experience is having on his ministry.

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An endowment gift produces a ripple effect of change

Area Consultants, Legacy Giving

Like ripples from a small pebble dropped into still waters, acts of generosity start a current that is never-ending.

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Donors help bring modern health care to children in Belize

Legacy Giving

Whether people give to those in need – in Belize or in their own communities – or to environmental issues or to animals, it all serves God.

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Houston: reVision forms radical relationships with kids on the edge.


“Houston: reVision is thrilled to join with TMF in stirring the United Methodist Church’s passion to make a long-lasting, hope-filled difference in our world by helping us raise up hundreds of mentors for kids who have no one,” said Charles Rotramel, CEO of Houston: reVision.

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Rev. Katherine Glaze Lyle Pays It Forward

Leadership Ministry, Legacy Giving, Gifts To TMF

by Justin Gould, TMF vice president of Development

Like God’s people throughout all of history, we are blessed in order to be a blessing. What an amazing heritage!

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