What is the Courageous Leadership Imperative?

In cooperation with the South Central Jurisdiction (SCJ) Foundations and with support from the Lilly Endowment, TMF’s Leadership Ministry offers the Courageous Leadership Imperative (CLI), a learning network for courageous leaders. The purpose of CLI is to embolden leaders who are able to stand at what Richard Rohr has called “the edge of the inside.”

How is the Courageous Leadership Imperative being launched?

CLI opened with a large group experience - Launch 1.0. This event was designed to create a network for dynamic leaders, expand imagination for what’s possible, and embolden courage. It occured October 2018, with 125 exceptional leaders gathering in St. Louis to take part in this one-of-a-kind opportunity! Watch the overview video here.

In October 2019, Launch 2.0 took place in Little Rock, AR, and took the Launch 1.0 concept to another level, enhancing the idea of pitching innovative ideas by giving congregational teams space to dream and plan. 

What is the next step - CLI Cohorts?

CLI offers small group cohorts, consisting of two cohort tracks: A Leading from the Center track and a Leading from the Edge track. It is intended to gather high capacity leaders for learning and networking so that they can 1) expand their courage (and capacity) to innovate and try new things for the sake of reaching new people for Christ, and 2) connect with other courageous leaders from the SCJ for the sake of creating a network of learning and innovation throughout the jurisdiction.

What are church leaders saying about the CLI Cohorts?

Listen to Shellie Ross and Pastor David Briggs share why they are excited about participating.

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