Learning Communities

Ministry with the Poor

The Ministry with the Poor Learning Community brings together clergy, lay leaders and heads of non-profit groups who are committed to breaking the cycle of asset poverty that has persisted through multiple generations. TMF’s support of the Ministry with the Poor group is part of our commitment to identifying and delivering transformational solutions by marshaling our financial and leadership services more effectively. This integrated approach enables us to accelerate our collaboration with partners engaged in some of the most innovative and creative ministries anywhere in the country.

The Ministry with the Poor Learning Community is comprised of those who lead ministries with the poor, whether through churches or non-profit, faith-based organizations. The group includes leaders whose organizations are committed to Gospel-transformation—that is Gospel-based, holistic ministries, which include both social and spiritual services that bring about empowerment to individuals and families struggling with sustained poverty. TMF believes, and research confirms, that such holistic ministries have the greatest potential to transform lives, families, and communities and to reverse generational, asset poverty.

For those with the courage to venture into the deep waters of some of the toughest, poorest and most neglected communities in the country, there is an infectious sense of optimism in the Ministry with the Poor Learning Community, as they learn new, insightful lessons every day while working side-by-side with individuals and families in the starkest of circumstances.

While only started in 2015, and the group’s meetings have already had a profound effect on those involved.

“I feel that the Ministry with the Poor group is history in the making,” says Gabriel (Pastor G) Dominguez of Life Church in Waco. “I think we have the opportunity to do some great things that those behind us can build upon. And maybe we can help other churches learn and understand more about people in their community. People they may not even notice. The whole experience has made me so proud to be a Methodist, and so encouraged about the future.

Carole Somers-Clark, facilitator of the Ministry with the Poor Learning community, shares this sense of transformational opportunity.

“This is the most servant-oriented group of people I’ve ever met in my life,” she explains. “They have the potential to change the Church in ways that none of us have considered. To have an organization like TMF supporting our group and our ministries, spiritually and financially, provides tremendous inspiration and credibility to what we’re all working to accomplish.”