Conversations on Giving

We believe that conversations comprised of thoughtful questions are key to discovering one’s God-inspired passions.

Conversations on giving can provide a keen sense of purpose, deliver clearly articulated outcomes and foster a deeper sense of community among donors and recipients alike.

At TMF we believe that giving is a spiritual experience. When thoughtfully approached, giving reflects the way you understand what God is calling you to do.

TMF seeks to help individuals and families to discover the passion and purpose behind their giving through conversations. These conversations lead to a plan for giving that provides a clear articulation of the desired results of the gift. More importantly, they often lead to a deeper spiritual understanding of why giving matters, as well as a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  

If you’re interested in a conversation about giving, please contact one of our department heads from Charitable Services, Development or Grants to get started.

Charles Smith, Charitable Services Representative

Justin Gould, VP for Development

Jacki Lammert, Director of Grants Ministry