Outcome Stories

Generosity in the Storm

Two feet of rain fell in the first 24 hours. One third of Houston was underwater. 75 schools closed. 39,000 people were forced into shelters. 203,000 homes were damaged. Harvey. We know the name well. Most of us were glued to the news the entire time this hurricane was raging, and we held out hope our neighbors would be alright. It was difficult to imagine that amount of rain colliding with a city we loved in such a short period of time. For those who lived in Houston, it was still difficult to imagine.

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Amarillo couple extends generosity to Texas coast neighbors

When asked why he and his wife Jan made a gift to TMF’s Grants Ministry in support of Harvey relief and recovery, Charles King described a rough illustration: “Draw a vertical popsicle stick with God at the top and me at the bottom and a heart in the middle,” he instructed. “That’s where the relationship begins – as a willing receiver of God’s grace, acceptance, and love. Being willing to receive is a key first step.”

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Jack Wilson:  Called to Delight

“I’ve devoted a lot of my life to children,” Jack Wilson said. “I was a child,” he continued with a sly grin, “And I’ve never grown up.”

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J. W. Brumbelow keeps faith alive by sharing it with youth

By all accounts, J. W. Brumbelow lived according to his values: steadfast faith, responsible citizenship, patriotism, self-sufficiency. The living trust he created in 2011 clearly reflected those beliefs: an equal share of scholarships were provided annually from the trust to First United Methodist Church in Moody, Texas, and Texas A&M University Corp of Cadets to youth demonstrating those attributes.

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Robbie and Tom Ausley, faithful stewards of abundant life

4, August 10, 2017 12:20pm

by Patti Simmons, Foundation Relations

There are few things as intoxicating and satisfying as meeting someone who lives a fully coherent life where “all outward things are images of inward life,” as Yeats, the poet of eternal opposites, longed for. By all accounts, Robbie Ausley lives an integrated life. Long-time First United Methodist Church Austin member, political and social activist, wife, mother, philanthropist, all converge into a conscious, responsible steward of abundant life.

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Rantons transform grief into gifts of life

“We wanted to leave something that would live on,” said JoAnn Ranton when asked why she and her late husband James established the James and JoAnn Ranton Family Endowment through TMF in 2015. Though a common and admirable motivation for legacy giving, JoAnn’s statement is far from a sweeping observation. For her, it is specific, profound, and startling in its significance.

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Dr. Gil Rendle Learning and Leadership Endowment

In recognition and celebration of all that Gil Rendle has done for the church, TMF is proud to announce the creation of the Gil Rendle Learning and Leadership Endowment. This endowment will honor Gil’s legacy by supporting his work to advance TMF’s Leadership Ministry learning agenda, the primary objective of which is to create opportunities for TMF to open new paths of discernment, decision-making, and action by leaders.

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The Generous Heart of Phyllis King

5, September 02, 2016 10:51am

I wanted to continue to be a good steward of what my parents would have appreciated and expected. It will be a beautiful legacy for both of my parents.

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A Time for Children

TMF awards a grant to A Time for Children, a new approach to children's ministry that is vibrant and relevant to their spiritual needs and the challenges they face in today's world.

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An endowment gift produces a ripple effect of change

Like ripples from a small pebble dropped into still waters, acts of generosity start a current that is never-ending.

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