Market-based Investments

Purposeful contributions through market-based investments.

Make an investment that aligns with your congregation's vision of a better world.

TMF offers a competitive environment for the investment of funds. The following six market-based funds - the TMF Balanced Portfolio and five Wespath funds - are designed to help churches and other organizations fulfill their investment objectives. These funds are not availabe to individuals.

TMF Balanced Portfolio

Backed by strict investment policies and closely monitored by our board of directors, The TMF Balanced Portfolio offers diversification across a broad mix of asset classes. To view the most recent report detailing the composition of the TMF Balanced Portfolio, please click here.

  • Designed for long-term growth and income
  • Typically permanent funds 
  • Minimum investment of $25,000 for three years or more is suggested
Wespath, our investment manager, is recognized as the largest faith-based benefit plans administrator and pension fund/investment asset manager in the U.S., with approximately $22 billion in assets under management. A not-for-profit administrative agency of The United Methodist Church’s General Board of Pension and Health Benefits, Wespath is unique in combining principled, socially responsible investing that aligns with TMF’s values. TMF offers the following five Wespath funds. For detailed information on these funds, please visit their website at
U.S. Equity Fund (USEF)
Fund Objective, Strategy and Holdings
  • Earn long-term capital appreciation from a broadly diversified portfolio of primarily U.S. stocks
  • Holds securities of publicly-traded U.S. based real estate investment trusts (REITs), limited partnership interests in private U.S. real estate and other private investments (venture capital, buyouts, etc.) of U.S. companies
  • Holds equity index futures of U.S. stock indexes
Fixed Income Fund (FIF)
Fund Objective, Strategy and Holdings
  • Earn current income by investing in a broadly diversified portfolio of fixed-income instruments
  • Holds publicly traded U.S. fixed-income securities, and fixed-income securities denominated in currencies other than the U.S. dollar
  • Holds privately placed loans originated by the Positive Social Purpose Lending Program (e.g., affordable housing and community development loans)
Inflation Protection Fund (IPF)
Fund Objective, Strategy and Holdings
  • Seeks to provide investors with current income and protect principal from loss of purchasing power due to inflation
  • Holds a combination of U.S. and foreign fixed income securities
  • Also invests in commodity futures contracts and holds senior secured loans
International Equity Fund (IEF)
Fund Objective, Strategy and Holdings
  • Seeks to earn long-term capital appreciation primarily from a broadly diversified portfolio of foreign equities
  • Holds real estate investment trusts (REITs) and interests in private real estate and private equity partnerships located in foreign countries
Multiple Asset Fund (MAF)
Fund Objective, Strategy and Holdings
  • Seeks to maximize long-term investment returns, including current income and capital appreciation, while reducing short-term risk by investing in a broad mix of investments
  • Holds a pre-specified allocation of units of the following Wespath funds: Fixed Income Fund (FIF), Inflation Protection Fund (IPF), International Equity Fund (IEF) and U.S. Equity Fund (USEF)

Earnings on market-based investments are reported monthly and reflect the fund’s total valuation (net of fees). Returns are based on the actual market performance of the investments within the fund.

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