Individual Retirement Accounts

The benefits of an Individual Fund IRA.

TMF's traditional and Roth IRA options offer everything investors love about our Individual Fund and more.

Individual Fund IRAs offer:

  • The same great rates as our Individual Fund accounts
  • The same great mission of making dreams for ministry a reality
  • The same great service our investors have come to expect
  • Plus, the added tax benefits of traditional and Roth IRAs

Individual Fund IRAs are open to individuals who want to participate in the mission-oriented Methodist Loan Fund while saving for the future. With competitive rates, high liquidity and safety, it is an excellent way for individuals to grow their retirement accounts while helping churches and congregations grow their ability to make a positive impact on the communities they serve.

Rates of return for Individual Fund IRAs consistently exceed money market funds and CDs. We request a minimum investment of $1,000 for at least one year.

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