Invest in the Methodist Loan Fund through the Individual Fund

Investing in the Individual Fund.

With rates of return that consistently exceed money market funds and CDs (based on an ongoing survey of the highest paying CDs offered by local, state and national banks), an Individual Fund investment, which is an investment in TMF's Methodist Loan Fund for individuals, is a multi-beneficial way for individuals in Texas and New Mexico to grow their investments while growing churches, congregations and other nonprofit organizations that exist to make a lasting, positive impact on the world around us.

Individual Fund investments are investments in TMF's Methodist Loan Fund and provide the capital for loans to churches and other 501c3 nonprofits.

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If you're ready to open an Individual Fund Account, simply follow the steps below. Or, to learn more, call Sara Beltran toll free at 1-800-933-5502. 

Step 1: Read the Offering Circular below.

Step 2: Complete the appropriate Application form below.

Step 3: Return the completed and signed documents along with your investment check to: 

Sara Beltran/Randi Forrest
11709 Boulder Lane, Suite 100
Austin TX 78726 

or fax to 512-331-0670. 

Download and print the following documents to complete the steps above: 

Adobe Acrobat Reader required for viewing and printing the above documents. If you do not have it, you can download it here

If you have questions while completing these documents, please contact Sara Beltran at 1-800-933-5502 or

This is not an offer to sell our securities to you and we are not soliciting you to buy our securities. We will offer and sell our securities only in the states where authorized. The offering of our securities is made solely by our 2017 Offering Circular. The purchase of our securities is subject to terms, conditions and risks, which are described in our 2017 Offering Circular. The TMF securities are not F.D.I.C. or S.I.P.C. insured nor are they bank deposits.