Participate in the Methodist Loan Fund

The Methodist Loan Fund provides lasting rewards.

Methodist Loan Fund investments provide the capital for the growth and stability of many United Methodist churches across the six annual conferences we serve.

Investors participating in the Methodist Loan Fund through the Individual Fund and Individual Fund IRAs earn competitive, often superior, interest. Churches and congregations receive these resources through low-cost loans they need to carry out their vision of the world that God imagines. A vision we all benefit from. The Methodist Loan Fund is also open to church, agency, and institutional investors.

Methodist Loan Fund Investments:

  • Offer returns consistently higher than bank CD and money market rates
  • Provide loans to United Methodist churches to spread the hope of Christ to more and more people
  • Connect resources from faithful investors to the needs of United Methodist churches
  • Are protected by strict underwriting and lending policies

Due to the underwriting skill and experience of our loan staff, as well as the oversight of the loan committee of our board of directors, investors can trust their investments rest on sound financial management. That trust is reflected in the superior retention rate of the Individual Fund and Methodist Loan Fund.

Learn more about opening an Individual Fund account.