Loan Services

TMF Loans help churches and congregations achieve their goals.

TMF's Loan Services staff serve as allies, guides and advisors for United Methodist churches considering projects that can have the most impact on their ministries.

Every loan starts with TMF gaining a deep understanding of what the church applying for a loan is trying to achieve for its congregation or community. What is its mission? What is its purpose? What is the desired outcome from the loan. It is through this learning and understanding that our staff can find the right loan at the right terms for each church applying for a loan.

TMF Loans are processed through The Methodist Loan Fund, a competitively priced fund designed specifically to support United Methodist churches and congregations through the investments of churches, agencies and institutions that share TMF’s mission of making a positive impact on the lives of people in a congregation, in our community and throughout the world.

Methodist Loan Fund Investments:

  • Offer returns consistently higher than bank CD and money market rates
  • Provide loans to United Methodist churches to spread the hope of Christ to more and more people
  • Connect resources from faithful investors to the needs of United Methodist churches
  • Are protected by strict underwriting and lending policies