About The Methodist Loan Fund

Grow your investment while growing a church.

The Methodist Loan Fund is designed for United Methodist churches, agencies and institutions that value the concept of creating a better world while earning exceptional rates.

The Methodist Loan Fund is an investment that:

  • Offers returns consistently higher than bank CD and money market rates
  • Provides loans to United Methodist churches to spread the hope of Christ 
  • Connects resources from faithful investors to the needs of United Methodist churches
  • Is protected by strict underwriting and lending policies
  • Demonstrates an impeccable track record of financial integrity and expertise

Because TMF is a nonprofit organization, we can offer churches competitive loan rates while paying above-average rates to supporting investors.

We request a minimum investment period of one year. Both variable and fixed interest rates are available.

Earnings on Methodist Loan Fund investments are reported and credited monthly. The set rates are based on changes in broader interest rates and changes in the financial markets. There are no fees for these funds.