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TMF is making a positive impact on individuals, churches and communities.

See how TMF is helping others to steward their potential to create a better world.

TMF Medallion of Merit Honorees share stories of abundant life

TMF Medallion of Merit recipients share their ideas on giving and gratitude and abundance.

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Volunteer Healthcare Clinic - 2018 TMF Grant Recipient


TMF is committed to helping steward the potential of innovative ministries, like one of our recent grant recipients in Austin, TX. The Volunteer Healthcare Clinic provides free healthcare for people in the Austin area. Listen to Marci Roe, Executive Director, talk about the exciting work the clinic is doing to reach people in need!

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Pastor Lupina Stewart Shares Her Excitement about CLI

Leadership Ministry, Gifts To TMF

Listen to Pastor Lupina Stewart share why she is excited to attend Launch 1.0 in October! Lupina is the Associate Pastor at Northern Hills UMC in San Antonio and she has been invited to participate in the Courageous Leadership Imperative's event - Launch 1.0.

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Millicans honor the past and invest in the future through support for clergy leaders

Leadership Ministry, Legacy Giving, Gifts To TMF

“My wife Kristie and I have developed a passion around supporting young clergy,” said Wesley Millican, explaining the drivers for the endowment he and his wife established at TMF to help pastors participate in TMF’s Leadership Ministry learning communities.

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The Multiplier Effect

Leadership Ministry, Legacy Giving

Laurinda Kwiatkowski, Outreach Pastor at University UMC in San Antonio, describes how Leadership Ministry learnings are profoundly impacting her ministry, the congregation she serves, and the young leaders she mentors.

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Defining a Family Legacy

Legacy Giving, Grants

Generosity can be spurred from the simplest moments, during a hand shake or a smile, in the aftermath of a light rain or in the beauty of a sunlit day. For Jan Baucum, that moment came during her childhood, growing up in a tiny farming community in West Texas.

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Advancing Interfaith Education at McMurry University


Picturesque and charming – these are the words that come to mind when you envision McMurry University, a small liberal arts college in Abilene, Texas. Known for warm hospitality and an underlying culture of servant leadership, it might be surprising to some that not even two years ago, McMurry underwent a firestorm of negative press from across the country as a result of living into their values of hospitality. As the news story grew, individuals who had never heard of McMurry previously were sending letters of complaint and some alumni were threatening to withhold financial support.

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