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The Missional Wisdom Foundation used grants from TMF to purchase an abandoned home in Waco and start a monastic community.

The Missional Wisdom Foundation operates a network of new monastic communities made up of small groups of individuals, both clergy and laity, who choose to live together under a rule of life in order to bring the good news to their community.

In 2013, the Missional Wisdom Foundation was able to purchase an abandoned Victorian home and half-acre lot in the City Center area of Waco thanks to a grant from TMF.

While City Center is normally associated with high crime, poor schools and tough streets, the Missional Wisdom Foundation thought the property offered lot of opportunity for housing a monastic community focused on serving the community.

Members of the community live, pray, eat and serve together, developing life skills and spiritual depth to prepare them for a life of holistic evangelism – loving God and loving others.

By establishing this community in this area of Waco, the foundation is working to develop a generation of leaders dedicated to bringing about systemic and sustainable transformation to their community and the world at large.

“The Texas Methodist Foundation has been a critical partner in our growth and development.  They take the time to understand our projects and ministry, provide us with financial support to enable growth and transformation, and have embraced new and ground-breaking ideas to help us innovate.  We view TMF as our long-term partner, and we meet with them regularly to share information and to benefit from their wisdom and experience.”

- Larry Duggins, Co-founder and Executive Director of The Missional Wisdom Foundation


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