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Rev. Katherine Glaze Lyle Pays It Forward

3, September 02, 2015 03:08pm

by Justin Gould, TMF vice president of Development

Rev. Katherine Glaze Lyle’s relationship with TMF began during her years serving as Associate Pastor at FUMC Dallas, continued as she served other churches, and was deepened through her participation in a large church pastor’s group, one of TMF’s Leadership Ministry Learning Communities.

For two years, Rev. Lyle met every other month with a group of pastors from around the state in a peer-learning group where they “learned, shared, prayed, laughed and developed our gifts for ministry. It was a wonderful experience for me.”

After completing her participation in the group, Lyle visited with TMF to explore charitable options for financially supporting herself and Leadership Ministry. In 2008, Lyle decided to create a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust that provides a fixed income stream during her lifetime with the remaining corpus becoming a charitable gift to support the endowment for TMF’s Leadership Ministry. Earlier this year, Lyle decided to terminate the trust and make the gift to TMF this summer. “I want to share my story because I had a chance, in the context of my life and my family, to advance something that would otherwise have come only after my death. I couldn’t simply make the gift outright—I needed some income for a while—but I could and did establish a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust so that both purposes could be fulfilled. Having benefitted so much from my clergy leadership group, and watched others have similar experiences, I very much wanted to contribute to the groups and similar efforts that haven’t even been dreamed of yet. I like the “pay it forward” idea, so I guess that is what I am doing.”

In addition to investing in TMF’s Leadership Ministry, Lyle also serves on the Grants Committee of TMF’s Board of Directors, which provides funding to UMC churches and other not-for-profit organizations that are committed to bringing about systemic change by empowering individuals to recognize and fulfill their own potential to create a better world.

Lyle states, “I think TMF deserves huge credit for dreaming big dreams—dreams I believe are consonant with God’s dreams for all people—and helping congregations to do likewise and to act in accordance with those dreams. I have seen congregations step out in major outreach projects with help from TMF, projects that help individuals transform their lives for the better. These congregations have moved beyond doing this for people, as hand-outs, to working with people as partners, friends, neighbors. So much of our larger society is fractured between groups, which I believe is something that grieves the God of us all. I celebrate these steps beyond divisions.”

Leadership Ministry and the Grants Ministry would not exist without the partnership of thoughtful, creative and generous United Methodists like Katherine Glaze Lyle. TMF is privileged to be a collaborator with individuals and families who envision a better world and act upon that vision through their generous contributions of time and resources.  

“I love our church and believe that God is not through with the UMC yet,” Lyle commented. "That makes me, against all odds, excited about the ways TMF can help creative, innovative, entrepreneurial church-people be even more faithful. Like God’s people throughout all of history, we are blessed in order to be a blessing. What an amazing heritage!”


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