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Investing in Community through the Individual Fund

“Investing in a church means you’re investing in a community. Every time a church is founded it represents a new sphere of influence and community support that didn’t exist before.”                             

Robert Corey has a special connection to the stately sanctuary at First United Methodist Church in Round Rock. He helped build it. Not by shoveling sand or hammering nails, but by investing in the Individual Fund through the Texas Methodist Foundation.

“I call it ownership syndrome. I know some part of the building is mine,” said Corey. “It’s hard to define, but you know your investment is there.”

When Corey first heard about investing with the Foundation through his pastor, the Rev. David Adkins, his response was, “Gee, can I do that?”

Corey knew that churches and other United Methodist institutions could invest in the Methodist Loan Fund to earn competitive rates while helping to build and expand communities of faith like his own in Round Rock. What he didn’t realize was the opportunity to invest in such a productive way had been extended to individuals as well.

With the help of the Foundation’s Investor Services staff, Corey soon found that the Individual Fund provided the alternative to bank CDs he had been seeking. He wanted to continue earning as much interest as possible so he and his wife, Martha, could still enjoy traveling without “threatening their retirement.”

In addition to finding strong rates that were important to them, the Coreys delight in knowing their investment funds support other growing United Methodist congregations throughout the state along with the communities where they reside. 

“Investing in a church means you’re investing in a community,” Corey said. “Every time a church is founded it represents a new sphere of influence and community support that didn’t exist before.”

Corey also appreciates knowing exactly how his investments are being utilized, and with the Foundation he can be sure every dollar is put to good use. He sees his money working to “maintain a statewide United Methodist family.”

“Investing like this makes you an active member of the Church in so many facets. I can’t think of any logical reason other United Methodists wouldn’t want to invest in this way.”

Invest in vital congregations that bring hope and healing to their communities. Call or email Sara Beltran to find out more about how to grow your investment while growing a church:
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