Capital Campaigns

Capital Campaigns designed for your needs.

Customize Capital Campaigns for your congregation.

If a church’s budget is not sufficient to fund major improvements, expand missional outreach or reduce debt, a Capital Campaign is often considered. But a Capital Campaign should never be about simpling raising money. They are a unique tool resource for deepening and enhancing the servant ministry of the church and the ability of the church to form disciples. This is the basis for the joy and excitement in initiating a campaign that focuses on mission rather than funds raised.

Statistics have proven that campaigns facilitated by an outside consultant are more sucessful than do-it-yourself campaigns. TMF’s strategic partner, Horizons Stewardship, includes campaign strategists that work alongside TMF Area Consultants to assist churches in developing a strategic ministry plan designed specifically for their congregation before the financial campaign ever begins. 

To learn more about growing faithful givers, including how to choose a campaign consultant, please contact your Area Consultant.