Cultures of Purpose and Generosity

Creating and nurturing Cultures Of Purpose and Generosity in every congregation.

TMF works to help congregations and individuals carefully listen for and respond to God’s calling.

At TMF we believe the Church (the body of Christ, the community of believers) is the primary vehicle God has chosen to bring about the transformation of lives and communities. In order to help the Church and those working through the Church to fulfill their God-appointed missions, TMF is committed to creating and nurturing Congregational Cultures of Purpose and Generosity in the Church, as well as in the congregations and individuals that make up the Church.

A culture of purpose is one in which there is a consistent spirit of listening to the Holy Spirit and God’s call; a culture of generosity occurs when the response to that call engages a deep commitment of the whole self — prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.

God’s call can present itself through a clear sense of purpose. Responding to that calling requires producing vital outcomes for bringing to life the world that God imagines.

All of TMF’s services, resources and events seek to help individuals, congregations and organizations clarify purpose, define desired outcomes and increase generosity. 

Area Representatives

The primary mechanism through which TMF engages congregations and pastors is the Area Representatives. TMF’s Area Representatives, through direct relationship as well as an outside perspective, are in a position to ask significant purpose questions, listen deeply and pay attention to what is working and what is not, and thereby are able to connect congregations and pastors with needed resources to achieve their God-appointed missions.

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Holy Conversations

Area Representatives are available to work with congregations to help them discern their purpose, desired outcomes and ministry strategies.

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