Holy Conversations

We start with a Holy Conversation about purpose.

TMF Area Representatives work with congregations to help them discern their purpose, examine ministry strategies and articulate desired outcomes.

Holy Conversations are an opportunity for Area Representatives to talk to clergy and lay leaders and find out where and how TMF can help their congregations to achieve their God-appointed missions. By asking good questions, Area Representatives learn about a congregation, its strengths, its needs, and then TMF can identify resources to make that congregation stronger. 

Stewarding Potential is our response to the potential God has given each of us. The words are new to TMF; however, the concept is as old as there have been parents, teachers and farmers.  We don’t necessarily know what potential there is but we want to create the opportunity to reach that potential.  We want to offer resources to individuals and congregations that allow them to identify and reach their potential, we want to ask provocative questions that create an environment where learning something new can occur. Most everything we do is not about TMF but about how we can help someone else achieve everything they have the potential to accomplish.  

The questions themselves are not significant. What is truly important are the actions that follow. 

By building trusting relationships with congregational leaders, Area Representatives can help churches to achieve their potential. We feel that TMF is uniquely positioned to help individuals and congregations transform the world, from enabling clergy and laity leadership to engage in self-directed learning to working with congregations to develop cultures of purpose and generosity.