Outcome Stories

Area Consultants Outcome Stories

An Unexpected Introduction

Last fall, TMF Counsel and Area Representative Tom Stanton had the chance to visit with Sherrie Tipper and Pastor Rita Hotz at FUMC Jonesboro. Tom introduced them to a woman named Nancy Elizabeth West, a woman who was passionate about supporting missions and had a heart for Jonesboro, TX. In fact, she was so committed to their church she was gifting them a portion of her estate to be used to reach the community. Upon hearing Nancy’s story, Sherry was moved to tears.

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Welcome to the Team, Mark Woodward

“I always had a strong feeling towards Jesus’ words in Matthew 25. My father was a doctor and his profession influenced my calling. When people are in need, if I can offer hope or encouragement in any small way, I see those acts of compassion as living into Matthew 25. Many, many hours of my ministry have been spent in hospitals and nursing homes with families who need that sense of compassion,” Rev. Mark Woodward shared. Mark is the newest member to TMF’s Area Representative team and he is serving the Texas Conference.

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How Do I Leave Money to the Church?

Interviewer: When you are meeting with churches as a TMF Area Representative, one question comes up pretty frequently. What is that question? John: When I go to a church, one of the most frequently asked questions I receive from laity is this – How do I leave money to my church? On the flip side, staff are asking a similar question – How can we encourage people to leave money to the church?

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In the old west, populations of desolate towns could explode as a result of discovering gold, silver, or even oil. Oftentimes, those thriving boomtowns would shrink when fortunes were not made, or the supply of sought-after minerals declined. While these stories harken images of the Gold Rush, boomtowns still exist all around us. For instance, in the next ten to fifteen years, Troy, TX is projected to triple in size, moving from less than 2,000 people to over 6,000, and Troy UMC is gearing up for the boom.

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Apportionment Success in the El Paso District

Measurable results. They are necessary to determine success, but so often in ministry they seem elusive. How do we measure discipleship growth? What fruit indicates positive change and who makes that evaluation?

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Building a garden that honors God and serves the community

Barnett Chapel UMC in Kerrville transformed two vacant lots into The Glory Community Garden, a gathering place that strengthens the community, feeds families and celebrates God.

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